Tribal Government

Tribes have profound histories, rich cultures, and complex needs. Our dedicated Tribal Insurance team has developed an understanding of Tribal culture, exposures, challenges, and law. We are the national leader serving Tribes and their entities; longer than any other broker in the U.S. Many of the services we provide are done in-house by our Tribal team. We continue to work with carrier programs, Tribal-specific attorneys, Tribal economic development teams, Tribal leaders, and municipalities on cross-jurisdictional agreements.

Some examples include:

  • FTCA – We make certain our carriers have crafted language in the Tribe’s policies to absolve Tribes of claims under the FTCA. There are responsibilities owed by the United States to Indian Tribes under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, Public Law 93-638, and the Tribe’s Self-Governance agreements.
  • Sovereign Immunity Endorsements – Recognizing the quintessential importance of preserving sovereignty, Brown & Brown consistently make certain that program policy language includes verbiage that is inclusive of this imperative endorsement, thus preventing carrier partners on instituting sovereignty without expressed authority from Tribal Council.
  • Workers’ Compensation Ordinance – Making certain that program policy language recognizes Tribal Workers’ Compensation Ordinance rather than Washington State L&I as prevailing.