Tribal Employee & Member

Tribal Benefits – Protecting the Future of Your Tribe

The Tribal Benefits team at Brown & Brown of Washington in Seattle serves as a representative of the diverse groups within a Tribal Organization (e.g., government, construction, hospitality, marine). Our team understands that every Tribe is unique and complex, and the diverse expertise of our Tribal benefits advisors allows us to provide you with the level of support that makes a difference.

Over the years of working with Tribes and their enterprises, we have learned that while every Tribe exercises its sovereignty and pursues its objectives in different ways, a unique interwoven structure of goals exists among all Tribes:

  • The Tribe’s endeavor to preserve culture and sovereignty
  • Endeavors in both government and enterprise to benefit the Tribal Community
  • Perpetuate respect for the past and build for future prosperity

We have spent years developing the expertise to help the Tribal Community achieve its goals because we believe in what each Tribe is striving for within their respective communities. Our commitment to the Native American Community drives us to:

  • Maximize your dollars in fully insured and self-insured arrangements
  • Achieve savings by leveraging Tribe–specific programs such as Medicare-Like Rate pricing on claims and 340B programs for pharmacy
  • Identify cost drivers and cost-containment tactics through sophisticated data analysis and tribe-specific benchmarking
  • Protect your sovereign immunity through effective partner selection and contract language negotiations
  • Balance strategies between government and enterprise to achieve each aspect of your organization’s objectives