Broker Services

Many of the services we provide below are done in-house by our Tribal team. Below is a sampling of the services we offer:

  • Pre-Renewal/Renewal Negotiation
  • Renewal Process Assistance Guidance
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Analytics
  • Safety Meeting Facilitation
  • Coverage Interpretation Support
  • Certificate of Insurance/Contract Review
  • Claims Review/Advocacy
  • Premium Allocations
  • Safety FAQs and Guides
  • Policy/Coverage Reviews
  • Legal Contract Reviews
  • Vendor Partner Contract Reviews
  • Workers’ Comp/Tort Ordinance Review
  • Building Valuations and Inspections
  • Insurance Education and Training
  • Governmental Expenditures Worksheet
  • 638 Contracts/Federal Tort

As a result of our extensive understanding of the Tribal Community and its complex and interwoven goals, we are able to design and innovate in the area of insurance coverage specifically tailored to Tribal Nations. This is evident in the many “firsts” Brown & Brown of Washington in Seattle has accomplished in the name of helping to protect Tribes and your endeavors:

    • First private Workers’ Compensation policy in Washington State
    • First Workers’ Compensation self-insurance placement in Washington State
    • Only broker to develop own Tribal-specific program. TNIP – Tribal Nations Insurance Program
    • First to introduce Profit Sharing to Washington customers
    • First to provide coverage for first Tribal 8A contractor
    • First to provide insurance/protection for our Tribal customers participating in Initiative 502 – assisting in continued economic diversification
    • First to provide program policy language in Washington State
    • Helped carrier development produce and implement program enhancements to include: Medical Malpractice, Builders’ Risk, Law Enforcement Liability, Tribal Officials, E&O, etc.
    • In support of Tribal Sovereignty, we have worked with insurers to recognize Tribally Licensed Dental Therapists (DHATs). Supporting: Brian Cladoosby and the Swinomish Tribe…another first