Boats, Jet Skis, and More

We can advise you on the inclusion of specialized coverage for towing, wreckage removal, fuel spill liability, personal property carried on board, and medical payments for passengers, including water skiers. From sailboats to sports fisher to jet skis, we offer comprehensive coverage for all types of watercraft. Your boat is your getaway, let us help you find coverage that works for you.


Why do you need Boat Insurance?

To make sure both you and your boat are protected. While the state of Washington does not require Boat Insurance, you need it to ensure both you and your boat are adequately protected. Without a separate boat or personal watercraft insurance policy, you’re probably at risk of being underinsured. Most homeowners policies have:

  • Size restrictions
  • Limitations on horsepower
  • Limits on damage coverage

Let us help guide you, we’re here to help put together a plan tailored to your needs.