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The Bullseye May 18th, 2021


On March 22, 2021 Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued an emergency rule banning credit scoring for personal insurance for three years.

The emergency rule applies to personal auto, homeowners and renters coverage. Personal auto includes personal coverage for motorcycles, collector vehicles, antique autos, and RVs.



Currently, insurance companies use credit scores, along with other factors including where you live, your claims history, driving record and age, are used by insurers in a formula to create an “insurance score” they say predicts the likelihood you will file a claim. This score is then used to determine how much a person will pay for their personal insurance policies.

Commissioner Kreidler believes credit scoring is unfair.

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The prohibition on the use of credit history applies to:

  • New business policies with coverage terms beginning on and after June 20, 2021
  • Renewals processed on or after June 20, 2021 (Depending on processing timelines this could be renewals effective as early as July 20, 2021)



This ban will apply to ALL admitted insurance carriers writing personal insurance policies in Washington state who currently use credit for rating or underwriting purposes.


How does this affect you?

  • If you have good credit, you have been receiving a savings on your premiums. When that premium credit is eliminated, you will likely be facing renewal increases of up to 80% on your home and auto insurance.
  • Many insurance companies have currently stopped writing new policies effective after June 20, 2021 while they await approval or update their rating systems. If you are buying a home and using financing, this could delay your closing or cause you to be in breach of your purchase agreement.


How can Brown & Brown Insurance help?

Brown & Brown Insurance has been working hard to minimize the impact to our clients.

  • We may be able to help you delay this increased insurance expense for up to 1 additional year. This window of opportunity closes after June 20, 2021. Call me today before time runs out!
  • We can work with you to obtain the insurance you need for your home closing!


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