Brown & Brown of Washington Inc. Supports the Holocaust Center for Humanity

We here at Brown & Brown of Washington Inc. are extremely proud to work with an incredible organization like the Holocaust Center for Humanity. Since 1989 they have been working to continue the education of the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust through events, field trips, museum visits, and community programs. Our President Alex Bogaard believes in the importance of continuing this project and currently sits on the board for the Holocaust Center for Humanity. In 2019 they arranged to bring a Holocaust survivor to our office to tell us his first hand account of events. Listening to his harrowing tale was a sobering reminder of how lucky we truly are, and helped solidified our commitment to this program.

Our office currently supports the Teaching Trunk Program.  Holocaust Trunks have a variety of educational resources including books, poster, links to films, activities, maps, artifacts, and teacher guides.

The trunks are loaned to classrooms for 4 – 5 weeks at a time. This allows time for the students to really dive in the material and appreciate what others have gone through.  Some highlights of the program are:

  • In 2019 our Teaching Trunks reached 108 schools and impacted 12,584 students across the Pacific Northwest.
  • In 2019 we reached 332 schools and impacted over 27,000 students across the Pacific Northwest through the numerous resources and services we offer.

Here’s what some teachers had to say about the program:


Showalter Middle School, Tukwila WA, Teacher Megan

 “The images, books, and artifacts helped bring the survivor experiences to the surface. Something as seemingly insignificant as the replica shoe sparked deep conversations among my students about children’s perspectives and experiences during the Holocaust.”

Columbia Elementary School, Bellingham WA, Teacher Ashley W.

“The artifacts made the student learning more tangible and real. It brought an awakening to my students.”



In addition to the Teaching Trunks, The Holocaust Center provides many other valuable resources that are available to educators, students, academics, authors, and public & private organizations.

  • Educational programs and curricula
  • Community programs
  • Artifacts
  • Teacher Training
  • Classroom sets of books
  • Speakers Bureau of survivors, witnesses, liberators, second generation, and WWII veterans
  • Online resources including curricula and teaching activities
  • Exhibits
  • Library collection of books, videos/DVDs, video testimonies
  • Writing, art, and film contest
  • Education Tours
  • Support and consultation for educators


All of us here at Brown & Brown of Washington Inc. feel very fortunate to have the honor of partnering with the Holocaust Center and supporting their mission through education and awareness.   Please check out their website to learn more


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