Brown & Brown of Washington in Seattle

Who We Are Locally, Right Here in Seattle

Brown & Brown of Washington in Seattle began when a number of well-run, highly skilled, and respected organizations came together and developed a common mission: To provide world-class service to our customers by deploying an ever-increasing set of tools and services to better handle the evolving needs of our customers. Leveraging The Power of WE allows us to innovate and the ability to provide greater solutions and options.

Our teammates live right here in the communities we serve. We are mothers and fathers in our community. We raise our children alongside yours. We walk and play in the same community parks, go to the same schools, and support the same local organizations. Together, we make the day-to-day decisions that shape our company and how we care for you, our customers. We are proud that we continue to serve a number of our original customers from 1956.

Today, the Brown & Brown of Washington in Seattle team is stronger, more effective, more agile, and more focused on our customers than it has ever been. At 100+ strong and growing, we are committed to continuing our efforts to actively listen to our customers, innovate, and attract top talent, so we can continue to serve you and our community long into the future.

Who We Are Nationally

Brown & Brown Insurance, provides risk management solutions to help protect what our customers value most. Our four business segments offer insurance products and services to businesses, corporations, governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families, and individuals.

Thanks to our lean, decentralized sales and service model, rigid rules and bureaucratic interference are minimized, helping to drive new and innovative solutions for our customers. Brown & Brown provides the personalized, dedicated service desired from a local agency while leveraging the exceptional capabilities and peace-of-mind expected from a top ten brokerage. Our vision, speed, and agility allow us to thrive in the competitive, ever-changing insurance industry.

Powered by a culture that values integrity, innovation, superior capabilities, and discipline, Brown & Brown is arguably the most efficient operating platform in the insurance brokerage business. We look at insurance differently and use our experience, carrier relationships, and principled customer focus to deliver first-class service and solutions. With a precise and focused acquisition strategy, Brown & Brown has become one of the insurance industry’s most powerful and influential leaders.

Built on a culture that values integrity, diversity, innovation, superior capabilities, and discipline.

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